Is My Digital Property Valuable? | Mylennium

Is My Digital Property Valuable?

It's important to consider both the financial and/or sentimental value held by digital assets. Individuals born after the 1950s will likely leave behind more digital photos and documents than printed ones. For most people the photos have sentimental value but for some who are advanced amateur or professional photographers, there can be significant financial value as well.

Property with Financial Value

  • domain names
  • online advertising revenue
  • online game virtual items, virtual currency, and characters
  • online payment accounts
  • online auction sites
  • online banking and financial accounts
  • loyalty program points and awards
  • savings bonds (sold only electronically since 2012)
  • gambling sites
  • artistic and creative product sales (iStockPhoto, etsy, iTunes, CafePress, Zazzle, ...)

Property with Sentimental Value

  • documents and writings
  • photos
  • videos
  • emails
  • social networking content
  • address books
  • digital legacy site assets
  • genealogy sites
  • recipes