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Digital Estate Plan

Digital Estate Plan

Mylennium's Digital Estate Plan is our comprehensive service that identifies and documents your personal and professional digital assets. Whether you need to supplement an existing estate plan or create a standalone document, your Digital Estate Plan covers your entire digital footprint and provides the essential information a personal representative needs to settle these valuable assets according to your wishes.

In three easy steps we create a Digital Estate Plan that documents your important digital property and digital assets.  We help you understand which assets are at risk and how to protect them.

Client Interview  In an initial conversation we discuss your use of technology and computing devices, online services, password management, backups and encryption.

Digital Estate Questionnaire  Our proprietary survey guides you through the essential information needed to create your personalized Digital Estate Plan.

Review  A Mylennium Digital Executor with a broad background in digital technologies reviews your Digital Estate Questionnaire and prepares follow-up questions for a final telephone review before your Plan is completed.

Mylennium binds and delivers your completed Digital Estate Plan along with a one year subscription to a leading password manager application and an encrypted USB thumb-drive containing your Plan and space for other confidential documents.

Digital estate planning is not a do-it-yourself project.  Let us be the resource to help manage your digital assets while you're around and ensure these valuable assets are properly settled when you're gone.

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