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What is a Password Manager?

A password manager is software that securely stores usernames, passwords, encryption keys, and other highly confidential information in an encrypted database or set of files.  Data can be stored on the device running the software, on a remote server that can be accessed by any of the user's computing devices, or a combination of both local and remote.  In order to encrypt/decrypt stored data, the user provides a master password that they previously established.  There are many password manager applications on the market, some which are free and others which require an annual payment.

What is an estate executor?

An estate executor is a fiduciary that is legally responsible for settling a deceased or incapacitated person's estate. If someone has a will, the person responsbile for settling the estate is typically referred to as an Administrator. If the individual is incapacitated the term Personal Representative is used, whereas if a trust is involved then the fiduciary is referred to as an Executor.  However, the term Executor is often generically used for an individual named in a will or trust to carry out the decedent's wishes.

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