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PhotoSync is a great solution to the challenge you face copying images and videos from your smartphone to your computer.

PhotoSync solves the problem that faces most computer users that want to sync their smartphones photos and videos to their desktop or laptop computer using WiFi.  There are many solutions that push your original smartphone media to the cloud but leave out the important step of copying those digital assets to your computer.  Mylennium's approach to digital asset protection is built upon storing all of your digital assets on your primary computer to simplify managing and backing up all of your assets so the ability to easily copy photos and videos to your computer is an all important feature.

PhotoSync lets you easily copy digital assets from your smartphone to your computer and all of the major cloud storage services.  The list of features is extensive and impressive.  If your goal is to copy photos and videos from one device to another, particularly from a portable device to another device, you should be able to do it with PhotoSync.

PhotoSync will transform your photo handling forever. ~MacUpdate


photofocus - March 2015